Every day, we wake up like a knight, ready to fight life’s battles. We strive hard and pierce through our creative minds, ending up gazing at the white-colored celestial body, wondering how we ended our battles. Sometimes, we smile at the face of life, showing it that we cleaned the mess you created bitch. I know it’s tough, I know we all have our share of dramas and roleplays to enact to, I know life treats us the hard way; but then, the show must go on my friend!

Have you ever felt like everything’s falling apart like you’re just…

Do you ever feel lost? Like you have woken up, yet you are sleeping with your eyes wide open because you have no energy left within yourself to pull yourself up from the bed. It is as if your body knows that it is time to wake up, but your mind wants to hide inside the cozy blanket instead and watch the day slip away through your fingers.

Do you feel like everything is coming down, and you cannot do anything to protect it, so instead, you stand and watch it fall numbingly in the blink of an eye? Everyone…

Are Words Ever Enough?

People say failure doesn’t define you, but it sure as hell breaks you down to a point where going down on your knees seems a lot easier than getting up for a fight. And failure is at its maximum when you add a little darkness and self-pity to spice things up a bit. You wish that talking it all out could’ve solved the problems, and every time he asked you to close your eyes and sleep, you would have gladly said yes but instead, you hum, feeling alone, now more than ever.

Do you feel like everything around you is…

Muskan Jain

Admitting to my fair share of blessings and sins since the dawn of time.

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